Kill Me Thrill Me

Type: Cross Country,
Difficulty: Advanced
Length: 6.5 km
Status: Open

Trail Description

Kill Me Thrill Me is one of Whistler’s most popular rides. It has all the trademarks of a Chris Markle project. It’s well crafted, has beautiful flow and takes advantage of wonderful natural features. It begins quickly 200 meters or so north of the Cougar Mountain turnoff on the west side of Hwy 99 (just before the curve) and never really lets up. It is classic Whistler cross country/free-ride with no sustained climbs but lots of short intense bursts; up and down.
The features are mostly natural with the man made stuff only there to avoid terrain damage or support the natural flow. It ends, too soon, back on Hwy 99 a couple of kilometers north of the Wedge turnoff.

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Head through Whistler on Highway 99 toward Pemberton. Once past Emerald the last of Whistler's neighbourhoods on Green lake. You will see sign posts to Cougar Mountain on your left side as you head north. The trail begins 200 meters or so north of the Cougar Mountain turnoff on the west side (left) of Highway 99 just before the curve.


The quality of this trail is great and the recent upgrades done in June are incredible. If you are not sure about a ramp or rock take a look first. There are a couple of good slick rocks on this trail which are awesome but not for the faint of heart.


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