Whistler Mountain Bike Trails

With hundreds of miles of the best single track riding in the world, it is hard to know where to start. Our mountain bike trail guide will give you a general description on routes and trails in the Whistler valley.

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Mellow - gentle rolling terrain, consistent gravel surface.
Intermediate - some climbing involved with some mixed surface terrain and technical features.
Advanced- some difficult climbing sections with varied surface, drops, bridges and rock faces.
Insane- you get the message we hope! Not to be taken lightly, big consequenses.

Ride Types:
Cross Country- lots of rolling terrrain with good views and some technical features.
Free Ride - varied terrain with lots of drops, rock faces and man-made obstacles.
Downhill - hold onto your hats here as these babies eat up parts both mechanical and human.
Non Technical - these trails feature climbs and fitness challenges but not much technical riding on plush trails.

DifficultyTypeTrail Status

A River Runs Through It

Type: Cross Country, Free Ride, Difficulty: Intermediate
Length: 4 km Status: Open

Anal Intruder

Type: Cross Country, Difficulty: Advanced
Length: 3 km Status: Open

Bart's Dark Trail

Type: Cross Country, Difficulty: Intermediate
Length: 2.5 km Status: Open

Beaver Pass Upper/Lower

Type: Cross Country, Difficulty: Advanced
Length: 2 km Status: Open

Big Timber

Type: Downhill, Difficulty: Advanced
Length: 2 km Status: Open